A Rainy Day Idea


I have a few friends who know my love for anything old and the uglier that old thing is, the more lovely it is to me.

I was sent a link the other day to go and check out #7 on this list of Must Try places to eat.   I’ve never been to Bodo’s German Restaurant and Pub in Myrtle Beach, but I think I’ll have to go……just to say I did and to take pictures and to hopefully eat some yummy food…..though I am mostly a vegan-ite….so not sure how that will work.   Potatoes and sauerkraut for me!! — hold the butter.

This particular place does not seem to have a website.   But they are on Facebook.

Before I go anywhere or do anything, I always read the online reviews.  It is high entertainment.   Humans can be really funny……..especially when they aren’t trying to be.

My advice for this rainy day is to choose a place or two that you’d like to go and visit and Bodo’s seems like a good choice if only for its character and longevity here at the beach……then go online and read the reviews to yourself….or out loud as a bonding moment with your family.   Get yourselves all gussied up and head out to the place(s)…….experience it and write your own reviews.

If you do this, I’d love a link to what you wrote.

Got umbrella?


Indoor Go Kart Track Now Open @ Fun Warehouse in Surfside Beach

FUN WAREHOUSE  2349 Dick Pond Rd. (Hwy. 544) Surfside Beach // 843.748.0302

One more thing to do on a rainy day in Myrtle Beach !  The indoor go-kart track is now open and they are working on the outdoor  go-kart track as we speak.  I drove by there today and couldn’t believe how much they’ve gotten accomplished in a short period of time.



3 Similar Ways to ESCAPE the Rain (or Fair Weather) in Myrtle Beach

Quite by accident, I happened upon one of the 3 escape rooms here in Myrtle Beach.   I cannot wait to grab a group of friends and go play.  escape-rooms

Check out the website for each individual location and decide which one works best for you.   I’m sure you can go alone, but I’m also sure that it will be way more fun with a group of at least 3.

Understand that I’ve not gone to any of these places and I was hooked by the About Us section on the  ESCAPE! Myrtle Beach  website.  I’m intrigued and I hope they deliver.  I’ve seen great reviews of all of these places and my thought is that you can’t  go wrong.  For me, I’m going to try the Escape! Myrtle Beach venue first.  You can do what you want.

My suggestion, in looking over the websites, is to encourage you to read over EVERYTHING — especially the terms and conditions.   There are no refunds, but bookings can be rescheduled.   You pick the date, time and room you’d like to try to escape from (using mostly mental dexterity) as long as no one else has booked it for the same time.   Watch the videos and read the reviews and read a description of the rooms and the level of complication involved and minimum and maximum number of players.

Here are the 3 choices (and they all run about $25 for one hour/per person).   The cool thing is that you can also buy gift cards/vouchers as gifts or book this experience for a birthday party or other celebration.

If I’m not mistaken, all 3 are open 7 days a week until at least 11:00pm and on the weekends until at least midnight.   All bookings are by appointment and I’m sure you can call and ask about last-minute bookings.

No one has to sit around wondering what to do on a rainy day (or a fair weather day) in Myrtle Beach — not with 3 Escape Rooms.

MYRTLE BEACH ESCAPE ROOM    505  9th Ave. N, Myrtle Beach // 843.990.1677

BREAK OUT MYRTLE BEACH  314 Main St., North Myrtle Beach // 843.231.5644

ESCAPE ! Myrtle Beach 606 W. Broadway St., Myrtle Beach // 843.331.6999

I Spy Something New & Indoors in Myrtle Beach!


I am so incredibly glad to see something move into the space made empty by Office Depot on Oak St. — next to the Children’s Museum — across from the Convention Center.  It makes me sad each time I see a long-time empty space.  That wasn’t the case here.

ROCKIN’ Jump // 2200 North Oak St. // 843.242.3264


On the website, you’ll have some choices to pick from concerning the type of Jump you’d like to book.   I’ve also highlighted a few things you should probably take note of before you book — so that you know what to expect.   I figure most folks are like me and want to be fully aware of what will go down when they go someplace new.ZrockinjumpBook2aZrockinjump5Zrockinjump8

I’m looking forward to surprising my granddaughter with a trip to Rockin’ Jump.   If you go before me, I’d love to hear about it.

If you follow Rockin’ Jump on Facebook, then you’ll receive up-to-date information and you can subscribe via their website to receive updates as well, which is the method I prefer because I usually forget to go hunting around for information.

Check Out These Cool Ideas for a Rainy Myrtle Beach Weekend: May 20th-22nd

Here’s a couple of places that I’m going to be hitting up this weekend and I thought you might be interested as well.  These are great whether it rains or not.  Sometimes the best memories are made when we go out and get wet and not worry about it.

XCON WORLD Comic Convention Show @ Myrtle Beach Convention Center


All sorts of stuff going on for everyone…..single, married, family, kids, zombies, nerds….

Kids 12 and under get in FREE !   free is good.

Check out the website for a full listing of celebrity appearances, prices, including a 3-day admission deal and your admission to the show secures you a discount for the Zombie Walk on Saturday night and you can check out the details for that here.

I also took notice of a Cosplay-Mageddon Costume Contest with over $10,000 in prizes. You can check out those details here and it looks like you can win for group participation as well.

Sounds like oodles of fun and I have to add this….even if you aren’t a nerd  and you don’t understand any of this or the terminology, etc……then maybe you are someone who just wants to experience something different.  Step away from the mundane rituals of your life and experience something new.    Who knows, next year you may come dressed as a character????  maybe?

      Have you been to the Nerd Bar yet?                                                                                                             807 Main St, Myrtle Beach // 843-839-4820  1506926_793780420661451_3303298765838431121_n

The good folks at the Nerd Bar are the creators of the XCON World Comic Convention.  Seems like a cool place to hang out and they have an Open Mic on Saturday nights and other cool stuff.   Not sure if they will be open this weekend with the Convention going on, but you can

Comedy Cabana, Comedy Club


(heading North on Bypass….stay in right lane as you pass Pirate’s Voyage.  As you come up over the bridge, the Club will be on our right) (you’re welcome)

Check out their website for a listing of comedians.  There are usually 2 professional and one or two amateur comedians on the weekend and it’s always cool to support those just getting into the craft and to support Live Comedy!!!

Find a babysitter and call the Club and make a reservation.   You will have to hold a reservation with a card, but you don’t have to pay with a card when you get there.

Be it known unto thee….that as with all comedy venues, there is a 2-item minimum purchase in the club….this DOES NOT include the bar and grill area.   Keep that in mind.  But also keep in mind that you can order something as simple as 2 sodas.

Keep in mind as well…….this is not gourmet fare by any means.  This is food to munch on….nachos and the like.   I usually stick with a beer from a bottle.

I would love to hear about your experience if you make it to any or all of these events.  Thanks!

Traipse Around Some Thrift Stores on a Rainy Day in Myrtle Beach (a Sunny Day Works Too!)

I recently moved from Surfside Beach to Socastee and even though I’ve traversed 544 constantly; I’ve only just started to check out some of the little shops and thrift stores which lie between Big Block Rd and the 544 Bridge.

If you’re a collector of memorabilia or antiques or just inexpensive used items, then take some time to check out a few of these stores.

Big Block Junction is a landmark so that you know you are in the correct area, but the stores are just West of this little strip mall (which also has a few eateries which you may not have tried before).


S & P Thrift Store is a favorite because it’s a little different.   They have some of the storage units occupied and so it’s a real act of rummaging and finding treasure.

I wouldn’t limit the shopping to just a rainy day (if you’re here in town visiting with us), because it serves as a nice change of pace from all of the typical activities or…..you can stop on in on your way to and fro about town.

Happy Hunting!


Check out this place first!


As you can see, I went by on a rainy day, but too late…..already closed.   Why do businesses buy a neon “Open” sign and then leave it on all the time?   I think scientists are studying this phenomenon.  The next time I’m in a place like that…..I hope I remember to ask why they do that.


Storage units which house furniture.


Bravo! to Junk-n-Jewels for turning off their Open sign when they are closed.


Had no idea “collectibles” could be spelled with an “a” as well.  Man, the English language is annoying sometimes.  😉


Indoor(and Outdoor) Walking (and other stuff) @ South Strand Recreation Center

If the weather is too rainy or too hot or if you just want a decent surface to walk on and you live South of Myrtle Beach, then I recommend the South Strand Recreation Center indoor walking track.    The walking area is on the second floor and it overlooks the basketball court.

The track has a sort of rubberized surface and it seemed easy on the feet and knees.  In one corner of the area are a few pieces of equipment such as an elliptical, two treadmills and a bike.  While there, I noticed a number of folks taking advantage of the open gym and they were getting in some basketball practice.   If you’re here visiting and the weather turns disagreeable, then this is one way to allow the kids to expend some energy.

On nice days, I bring my 4-year old granddaughter up to the Rec Center and sometimes we kick a ball around the soccer fields or we practice hitting and fielding in the ball field or we just walk around the perimeter of the facility where they have an outdoor trail (because it’s not paved…..it’s mostly gravel).    There is also a very small little play area for youngsters and a volleyball (sand) court.

january2015 029

january2015 031

january2015 034

january2015 036

All you have to do is sign in and start walking.  There is a locker room for your belongings in case you don’t travel light.

And a plus, if you have a low emission/high fuel economy vehicle….then there is plenty of parking for you near the front.  It’s the first time I’ve seen signs like this in the area and I never see anyone parked there.   I imagine folks are afraid that they will get ticketed if their car isn’t on some “master list” of cars which fit this criteria.    Of course, I’m joking…….or am I?


There are plenty of parking spaces up near the front for vehicles which meet the above specifications.



Horry Country Parks and Recreation, Scipio Lane (drive to the very end, turn right and you’ll see the Rec Center)

The Center is open Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 9:00pm, Saturday 10:00am to 6:00pm.

I gleaned  this information from their Facebook page.