Twisters Soft Serve in Murrells Inlet


1- Twisters Soft Serve in Murrells Inlet: located on Bus. 17 next to the Lazy Gator and across the street from Bovine’s (which sits on the Marshwalk).   Delicious soft serve.  My advice:  don’t go for the cone in the warm/hot weather.  It melts especially fast.

There are jump ropes and hula hoops all over the ground for the kids to play with.

There is Free Marshwalk parking in the lot connected to Twisters….courtesy of the Lazy Gator folks.



After raising two girls and working on my first grandchild….you’d think I’d know by now not to order a drippy, fast-melting cone……in June……in Myrtle Beach.  But, I did.  And as soon as the young girl saw me walking back up to the counter, she had a cup waiting for me and she greeted me with….”A Cup?”