An Idea For All of Those Goodies You Found on the Beach After Hurricane Matthew !

For those of us who are self-employed — a week without work due to a storm, can be quite a setback.
I’d love it if you could look around your neighborhood and find those who are owner/operators….and support them as best you are able. I know many of us have experienced a thinning of our wallets due to Matthew.

I have a very good friend who owns the Beach Beads store on Business 17 in Surfside Beach……just South of Hwy 544.
If you’re like me, you and your friends and family probably went hunting for goodies out on the beach right after the Hurricane.
And if you did…….then now what?
I came up with a few ideas for my finds and since I also scavenged several small pieces of the Surfside Beach pier last Sunday morning…….I’m looking forward to putting something together which is very cool and which tells a story. I’m not real big into hiding things away in a bin or in a jar on a counter, as those ideas lack nuance and the story of how they were found will likely never be told.

The pieces of wood in the back were taken from the beach and are from the wreckage of the Surfside Beach pier.

I came across several very small beautiful shells on the beach and I’ll be hauling them in to Heather at Beach Beads & Glass Studio this week so as to consult with her about turning these pieces into interesting gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

A few of the things I found on the beach on Sunday morning…..the day after the Hurricane.

Gather up your stuff and go see Heather…..when you do….you are supporting a locally owned business. I think it’s a great idea to seek out and support those who have a personal stake in the local economy…..especially those who have been affected financially by the storm. Thanks!

If you have something groovy made out of your treasures, then I invite you to share them here. I’ll do the same.


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