A Few Things to Consider When Buying a Home in Myrtle Beach.

Let me just state right off……I could never be a real estate agent in Myrtle Beach — at least not honestly.    I think to sell homes here you have to string together white lies or at the very least…..you have to leave a lot of pertinent information out.

Now that I’ve made that plain…….

The first thing you’ll notice as you drive around Myrtle Beach……as a local or a tourist…..is all of the land clearing and home building that’s going on.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about all of this.   I’m not a fan of clearing land willy nilly, especially when there aren’t the road and services infrastructure to back it all up.  They are working on it….the roads, that is, but on a personal level….. as a person who drives all around town on a daily basis……I wonder if it is enough.  I wonder if it can keep up with the amount of building that’s going on.

Let’s push the road issue to the side for a moment and talk about all of the homes going up.   They sure do look  nice and all that, but are they made well?   My job takes me in and out of these homes on a weekly basis…..and I can tell you that they are ……by and large….not made well at all.   And if you go the route of a used home, then there are issues in that realm as well.

I’d just like to alert you and make you aware of some things to look out for.  I hope it comes in handy when coupled with all of the other research which I hope you’ve done or are in the process of doing.

Things to Consider:

  1. There are many existing homes, especially in Surfside Beach,  which have problems with bats taking up residence inside of the home.   I have not been able to work at this one place for over a month because of bat removal.   These are not exact numbers but I heard that the cost for the exterminator alone was $5,000 because of the toxicity of the bat droppings alone.   Never mind the contractor who has to tear up walls and remove insulation, etc and then rebuild once the removal is complete.

    If there are bats in the home, you cannot just leave them there.  They MUST be removed ASAP and the process to do that is costly.  Rather than get all wordy here about this situation; I will direct you to this article and hope you will heed the message.

  2. Sometimes a bargain is not a bargain at all.   I’ve done some work over in the townhomes around the Shine Ave. area of Market Common.   The builder slammed those things together leaving the homeowners in a situation where they’ve had to constantly call in the builder to fix issues.   Major issues….such as noisy and slanted second-story floors, showers with small holes in the tile face where they forgot to put grout and water was going behind the walls.

    In one instance, I was asked if I would let the guy in who was going to repair the holes in the shower walls.   I asked him if no one inspected it before the job was completed to check for these things before the homeowner moves in.   He told me that this type of thing happens because the guys installing and building are short.   Meaning, they are Mexican, meaning, this guy was an imbecile wrapped up in a moron.  Not just for saying something so absurd and socially backward, but his lame excuse doesn’t account for the tall ceilings and all of the work done above the height of the “short” construction workers and installers.   I was stunned into silence with his remark.  What can you say to someone who believes you will buy that ?   Are there no ladders?  Scaffolding which can be built? Taller people that can be hired?

    I am telling you that you have to look over a place with the finest tooth comb you can find.    Look at rooms during the day with the lights off and see if you notice any sunlight shining through doors and around windows and around the attic door as well.

    If you start to see shoddy work with things such as light fixtures which have been hung crooked……then it’s likely there are many other issues lurking about as well.   I can guarantee that there is.   My advice is to honestly and seriously think twice about most of these new homes and condominiums.

    Talk to neighbors and ask them about how thin the walls are.  And this applies to homes as well.    In the Emmens Preserve section of Market Common….those homes couldn’t be any more on top of each other if they tried.    I cannot comprehend people wanting to live up their neighbors butt, but obviously there are many who do.   If you don’t mind….have at it, but buyer beware.  I don’t have to tell you that a home is a huge investment.    Don’t let a real estate agent try to talk a line of BS to you just to get you to sign on the dotted line.

  3. I would definitely recommend house hunting when it’s raining….not just to have a     look at how the house handles the rain, but to see how much flooding occurs in the neighborhood.    It rocks to live by a pond or lake, but if that pond or lake overflows up over the road and into your yard….then that could be a problem.    Also, watch for how quickly the water recedes once the rain stops.
    1. Here’s a biggee.  If you move into a neighborhood because you like the idea of living on a golf course, you might want to think again.   Go talk to the homeowners over in Southwood in Surfside Beach or those in Island Green off of Bay Rd or the Myrtle Beach Golf and Yacht Club which is also off of Bay Rd., and if you want to get an earful….go talk to the people who are sort of trapped living next to the ugly monstrosity which was once the clubhouse for the Deer Track Golf Course in Surfside Beach and which closed in 2006.  That was two years before I moved here.   Here it is 2016…..ten years later and it just keeps getting uglier and uglier.

      I have no idea what actually happened with the Wicked Stick Golf Course next to Southwood…..a neighborhood where I lived when I first moved here.   I was situated on the 6th hole of the golf course and the home which I was renting was surrounded by huge, ugly nets in order to lessen the amount of balls which hit the house and the owner had at some point put up some wooden latticework to protect the windows.  It was ugly and vines were crawling up it all the time.  It was a nightmare to tend to the yard.  The vines were actually growing through the walls and into my dining room.  I had to weed my dining room.   Is that what you want ?  If not, then look at these small details ahead of time.

      Back to the idea of living on a golf course (you thought I forgot, didn’t you?)……here’s the thing….if the golf course is being run properly then you shouldn’t have any issues, but if it’s not, as was the case with the MBG&Y Club, then a mismanaged golf course ends up having no funds to keep the greens maintained.   Take a look at what it looks like now.   Imagine being a homeowner over there……holy cow…….you were properly screwed….that’s for sure.    Take a look:

      Those tall “bushes” are where the greens once were.  This is the Myrtle Beach Golf & Yacht club where there is no golf and there are no yachts.   
      Another view of the “greens” @ Myrtle Beach Golf and Yacht Club

      Deer Track Golf Course as it looks in 2016

      Word to the Wise:  Drive around the neighborhood you are interested in and really see what’s going on.   Google.   Do your research.   Ask questions about the solvency of the golf course you are interested in moving next to otherwise you too could find yourself living in an ugly, ugly, but once not ugly place and the only way you could get out would be to sell way low to a predator real estate broker, agent, or private buyer.

      Google the local governing authority and see if they are planning to raise taxes or some other nonsense.

      Good Luck.  Happy House Hunting.  If you have any questions, shoot me a message or leave a comment.  I’ll be glad to help if I’m able.



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