A Rainy Day Idea


I have a few friends who know my love for anything old and the uglier that old thing is, the more lovely it is to me.

I was sent a link the other day to go and check out #7 on this list of Must Try places to eat.   I’ve never been to Bodo’s German Restaurant and Pub in Myrtle Beach, but I think I’ll have to go……just to say I did and to take pictures and to hopefully eat some yummy food…..though I am mostly a vegan-ite….so not sure how that will work.   Potatoes and sauerkraut for me!! — hold the butter.

This particular place does not seem to have a website.   But they are on Facebook.

Before I go anywhere or do anything, I always read the online reviews.  It is high entertainment.   Humans can be really funny……..especially when they aren’t trying to be.

My advice for this rainy day is to choose a place or two that you’d like to go and visit and Bodo’s seems like a good choice if only for its character and longevity here at the beach……then go online and read the reviews to yourself….or out loud as a bonding moment with your family.   Get yourselves all gussied up and head out to the place(s)…….experience it and write your own reviews.

If you do this, I’d love a link to what you wrote.

Got umbrella?


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