I4 Ideas For A Rainy Day In Myrtle Beach

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Information updated on this page as of May 27, 2018 @ 9:30pm

                      I only post places I’ve actually visited.   Though there are scores of things to do on a rainy day in Myrtle Beach, such as indoor mini-golf, etc….but if I’ve not gone and done it myself, then you won’t find it here.

Please excuse the wonky way the text is set up on this page while I work on fixing it.   Thank you.


1.   FUN WAREHOUSE, Surfside Beach
         2349 Dick Pond Rd (Hwy. 544)
         Surfside Beach, SC 29575

       Whether you have children with you or not, check out the website for the list of daily activities.  Why not relive the roller skating rink days of your youth or play the fool by running around with the youngsters in Laser Tag ?   There are also separate party rooms for young and old alike.    There is a whole bouncy room for the little ones, 2 small bowling lanes and an arcade.    I would suggest eating ahead of time, but that’s my personal opinion, as I’m not a fan of the taste of the food there.    
        The location on 544 near the Surfside Beach Wal-mart makes this central to most areas.     

(As of Spring 2016, they have renovated and enlarged the facility and added go-karts.)

2.   BEACH BEADS & GLASS STUDIO, Surfside Beach
        1918 Hwy. 17 North
        Surfside Beach, SC 29575

            Come in to shop, take a class, or do both.   

            This is not just a great place to pass a rainy day, but it’s perfect for a Girl’s Night Out event or for the Gentlemen in town playing golf who want to bring back something beautiful to pacify their wives and/or girlfriends upon their return.   The ideas are limitless. 

             The Beach Beads website has been put together so as to entice the reader to, at the very least, come on down to the store and meet Heather, the owner, a woman who prides herself in her craft, enjoys sharing and teaches what she does and who has created a laid back and welcoming atmosphere.     

3.  Atalaya Castle @ Huntington Beach State Park                                                           Check out the website for hours, but individuals or families will enjoy this place.   I was able to take my granddaughter and we did the self-tour, which I think was more appropriate for a then 6-year old.    When you’re done walking through the castle and the grounds pop open your umbrella on a rainy day and walk down the path to see if you can view any alligators.

 4.    LOCAL LIBRARIES,  Horry County
          Follow the link to the nearest branch and come in from the heat or the rain and fall in love with books again.   Many of the libraries have events during the week to keep the youngsters busy for a little while so Mom and Dad can sit back and relax and read a magazine or thumb through a good book or just nod off in a chair.

The Chapin Memorial Library on Business 17 has a great selection of books and many for sale…..dirt, dirt cheap.   Check out their calendar for storytimes, free legal clinics, etc.  I love the selection in this library and if you’re here as a local or out-of-town I think you’ll find something groovy on the Book sale shelves and many of the books are only 25 cents.
          I personally love going to the large library in Conway as it reminds me of the large libraries up North…sort of.   Surfside Beach built a new and bigger library a few years ago, but there are a lot of old and outdated books on the adult shelves.   The kids section is nice.  


* Imaginations Inc. 
   Creative Costumers // Dancewear
3268 Waccamaw Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579 – TAKE NOTE OF NEW LOCATION. They moved across the street sandwiched between Ron Jons and Magoos. 

A HUGE selection of costumes and accessories and an extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff.  Imaginations also has a super large inventory of dance wear, shoes and other pertinent paraphernalia.   

* Christmas Mouse
     2306 South Kings Hwy.
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

I first entered a Christmas Mouse store when I lived in Virginia several years ago.   I thought I would find a store full of overpriced items, but I have found that not to be the case.  There is really something for everyone here.  I love a really nice and thoughtful ornament to give as a gift for a new baby, wedding, birthday or as a souvenir. 

I saw the parking lot filled with cars as I passed by the store last night and it made me smile to think about all the people inside gettin’ their “jolly” on five months early!

*Once Upon a Child, Surfside Beach
   Next to the Wal-Mart in Surfside Beach on Hwy. 544
   2727 Beaver Run Blvd.
   Surfside Beach SC 29575

         When you look up flea markets online, you will find Hudson’s Surfside Flea Market.   Out of an extreme sense of civic duty; I urge you to avoid this place.   Unless you enjoy mass-produced crap which you can find in any Dollar store, then you’re better off hitting some local garage sales.   

*Fringe, A Vintage Shop , Surfside Beach                                                                             Business 17.   

Cool place to rummage around.  I went there during their Grand Opening and the place was cram jammed full to overflowing.  I’m not sure if it has stayed that way.

I highly recommend that you check this place out.  If you’re like me, you’ll walk out with a new dvd or cd and if you’re one of the fortunate ones to own a record player….you’ll find some awesome vinyl there.

     512 8th Ave. N.
     Myrtle Beach  SC 29577


* Fresh Brewed Coffee House
   933 Broadway
   Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
   (843) 251-8282
A short walk from the Boardwalk in Myrtle Beach.  Great place to hang out and mingle.  Cozy and intimate.  They also have events/local entertainment some nights.

* Boardwalk Coffee House
    104 9th Ave., North
     Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
Great location at the Boardwalk in Myrtle Beach w/outdoor seating.

*Good Day Cafe                                                                                                               819 Main St., Myrtle Beach                                                                           Directly across from the Zipline on grounds of old Pavilion downtown.   I highly recommend this place for food, atmosphere, friendly owners, space and customer service.                                                                                      They also have an Open Mic down in their “basement” on Wednesday nights and I believe they have local bands play downstairs on the weekend.   Check out their Facebook page for entertainment updates.

*Local Grind Coffee House                                                                                     Murrells Inlet                                                                                                                — also serving breakfast and lunch…off of Inlet Square Dr.                           You could blow right by it if you aren’t looking.   Cozy inside.


When I first moved to Myrtle Beach; I used to pass by Priscilla’s (as I affectionately refer to Priscilla McCall’s) and tell myself “I need to go in there and look at their lingerie”.   I told myself this because there is a huge display window filled with all sorts of cute and (ahem) interesting styles of nighttime garb.   

The first visit to this store was amazing.   I was much surprised to find that Priscilla’s not only sold intimate apparel, but also a large variety of adult sex toys and accessories.    This was my maiden voyage into such a place and I was filled with wonderment and I have to admit, a bit of confusion.   

It can be quite an uneasy feeling to navigate the isles when you aren’t quite sure what the heck you’re looking at.  Those who work in Priscilla’s know this and they came to my rescue.   I was immediately put at ease as most of the women in there were my age and let me tell you…they are very knowledgeable about the products they sell.   

Now, I’m trying to compose this next sentence without having it sound awkward.   Here goes:   The store personnel enabled me to see a demonstration of some of the products I was interested in purchasing.   You see, that sounds risque.   It sounds like I’m saying they “demonstrated” the products, when in all actuality, they just popped in some batteries and explained how each piece could be utilized in such a way so as to gain the most pleasure.   

Moving right along.   I think any single person or couple on a visit to Myrtle Beach should definitely visit Priscilla’s.   You’ll meet the nicest people, learn a thing or two and I bet you’ll walk out of there with something special.  

  * Priscilla McCall’s 
1100 South Kings Hwy (Business 17)
Myrtle Beach

This is one of the best ideas…if you don’t have children with you:
9.  NEW SOUTH BREWERY, Myrtle Beach
        1109 Campbell St.
         Myrtle Beach
* Visit to buy beer or to take a tour.  I’ve become a fan of New South beer from the moment I popped a can of their White Ale which I found at my local Piggly Wiggly store in Surfside Beach.   
It’s nice to taste a local brew which doesn’t have that watered down taste and appearance.   

10. Day Pass at Most of the Local Gyms:

A few that I’m familiar with:

American Fitness in Murrells Inlet  :   they have a wide range of group exercise classes, cardio machines, strength-training equip., huge bathrooms w/showers and a lounge and a separate ladies workout room.

 Sky Fitness 24/7 on the Bypass:  it’s not a huge facility, but it has a very central location.   They’ve also opened up a second complex which is on 707 at the intersection of Holmestown Rd.    It looks to be quite a bit larger though I haven’t been inside myself.       

11. Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park                                                                            2200 No. Oak St.  (Next to the Children’s Museum)                                                        I’ve taken my granddaughter here and she had a blast, but it is a much better experience when it is shared with at least one other friend or adult.                                                                 

12. Nature and Activity Centers @ Myrtle Beach State Park                                          Check out the website for the current schedule.    My granddaughter and I have even gone out in the rain on the Turtle Patrol when it’s the correct season.  I’m telling you…if you get a chance to do that…jump on it.   It was amazing to come upon the nests and find those little turtles and watch them make their way to the sea.    

While walking the beach, we also picked up trash…of which there is an unbelievable amount.  This is also a separate activity which can be done any time of the year.

13. The Hammock Shop in Pawley’s Island:  a

As a general rule, if you head South from Myrtle Beach, there is usually less traffic.  Of course, you then have to be aware of the time of day that you head back to MB or you might get stuck in the traffic anyway.    Pawley’s Island is known locally as being on the more expensive side, but they do have fast food joints and a few little eateries which won’t set you back anymore and many times a lot less, than some of the beach buffets.    The Hammock Shops are a cluster of little specialty shops in the self-proclaimed shabby elegant town of Pawley’s Island.   There you will find the Hammock Shop and in there you will find a man named Marvin and he is the dude who has been making the hammocks by hand since about 1993 or so.  You will find him in the Hammock Weavers Pavilion.

A rainy day always seems to lend itself to shopping and it’s pretty cool to also soak up some local folklore by watching a hammock being made and learning the history behind it.   And who knows….you may decide that purchasing a handmade hammock is a great investment in your relaxation future.    

14.  Palmetto Moonshine of Myrtle Beach:  While I was at a Doctor’s appointment, my daughter stopped in to check out the new Legal Moonshine store on Business 17 in Myrtle Beach.   If you are heading North it will be on your right….just before you get to the Harley Davidson store.  There is usually a dude out by the side of the road waving a sign and according to the Palmetto Moonshine Twitter page….you can stop and have your picture taken with him and post it to Twitter.  

The process of making moonshine is described and there are tastings every so many minutes.  Show your I.D….get your hand stamped and wet your whistle with the basic white lightning moonshine and a few other flavors.   There are recipes on the website and gifts in the store.   My daughter said everyone is super nice and helpful.    Check it out!

P.S.   Feel free to engage in any or all of these activities on a non-rainy day as well !!


Inlet Culinary Garden In Murrell’s Inlet

A good friend of mine showed me some plants in her backyard recently.  I was telling her that I was looking for a few to put on my balcony.  Plants which attracted hummingbirds, caterpillars, and butterflies.

She had some fennel and told me that she used the plant itself to cook with and that the caterpillars enjoyed hanging out on the stems.     The plants came from the Inlet Culinary Garden in Murrell’s Inlet.   I headed there that very afternoon.

I walked around the grounds to see what sort of plants were there.   I then asked a nice, young man if he could assist me with finding the varieties I was looking for–plants which would thrive on my balcony and easy to care for.

I was very pleased with the fact that everyone who works at the Culinary Garden was low pressure as far as trying to sell me things I didn’t want or need.   I was half expecting the prices to be on the high end and was pleasantly surprised to find that they were not.

The young man (and excuse me for misplacing the notes I made with his name on it) who helped me also gave me some great ideas for how to arrange the plants and flowers so as to look nice and to efficiently occupy the space in my planters.

I’m not someone who really likes to spend money on things that have the capability of dying if I don’t tend to them constantly.  For a very minor dollar output, I was able to make my little balcony look inviting to the creatures who hang out and to also insill in my young granddaughter the desire to care for plants and the creatures which rely on them

Twisters Soft Serve in Murrells Inlet


1- Twisters Soft Serve in Murrells Inlet: located on Bus. 17 next to the Lazy Gator and across the street from Bovine’s (which sits on the Marshwalk).   Delicious soft serve.  My advice:  don’t go for the cone in the warm/hot weather.  It melts especially fast.

There are jump ropes and hula hoops all over the ground for the kids to play with.

There is Free Marshwalk parking in the lot connected to Twisters….courtesy of the Lazy Gator folks.



After raising two girls and working on my first grandchild….you’d think I’d know by now not to order a drippy, fast-melting cone……in June……in Myrtle Beach.  But, I did.  And as soon as the young girl saw me walking back up to the counter, she had a cup waiting for me and she greeted me with….”A Cup?”


3 Great Places For Hiking & Biking in Myrtle Beach.

Since the weather has been so consistently fabulous around the Grand Strand, I’ve made it a point to take my granddaughter out biking and hiking.   And sidenote:  she sleeps much better at night since we’ve embarked on these mini adventures.

In the past two weeks, we’ve visited 3 different trails for the very first time.   I’m amazed at what’s around town if you just look.

The first trail we checked out was one in the Market Common area.   I loaded up our bikes and headed over to Airpark Dr. which is just off of Farrow Parkway.

I had no idea there was a path off the road until I saw a runner emerge from that way.   I I looked it up online and sure enough….there is a bike/running/walking path which runs along the back side of a housing development….though most of the path is cut into the woods and runs alongside a pond.   The evening we went, we saw a bit of everything….young guys fishing, a couple riding bikes, two women walking, and an older couple walking their dogs.

I’ve tried to locate information concerning the length of this path, but haven’t found anything as yet.   We rode it back and forth a few times and we ended the night by feeding the ducks and turtles our stale bread from dinner.

We parked on Airpark Dr.   The spot can only accommodate 2-3 cars.

The next day, I read about the Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge.   I saw that there were trails in the local area of the Refuge just off of  Hwy. 544 in Conway.    Take Jackson Bluff Rd.  and that will turn into Gary Lake Boulevard.   Once you round the corner by the Grand Strand Water and Sewer Authority, the road breaks off.  You can continue on Jackson Bluff Rd by veering to the Left or continue straight….onto the gravelly road….which is Gary Lake Blvd.   That’s the way you want to go.    If you make the left onto Jackson Bluff Rd, you’ll get that uneasy feeling that you’re driving too far out of the way.   That feeling will be solidified when you reach a T-intersection and realize you have to turn around and go back.

When I found the parking lot, and we began our trek……I realized that I would definitely need my backpack of sanitary wipes and other essentials to have on hand with a 6-year old.   I did not see any sort of portable potties, but I didn’t check the main board before beginning on the path.

There is a point when you have to choose between the bike trail or the blue trail.  We chose the blue trail as I was wanting to take the little one over the boardwalk which I saw on the website.     When we came to another intersection and had to choose a trail, we stuck with the blue.    We saw the boardwalk in the distance, but when we arrived……it was closed off.  There was nothing to indicate whether or not it would be reopened.   That was slightly annoying, as I don’t recall seeing anything about a closure on the main board at the entrance.

Because we haven’t had rain in a while, the Cypress swamp was mostly just mud, but that’s OK with me, as it enabled us to get a real feel for the place.  It was serene in there….but if you’re not used to being alone in the woods…..then it takes getting used to.

If we go back; we will definitelhy take one of the other trails.

 The third trail we checked out over this past weekend was the Carolina Forest Bike and Run Park. @ 150 Frontage Rd, B-2,  Myrtle Beach, SC 29579.

This was definitely our favorite.  The link will take you to the Facebook page.  If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can call them at 843.915.5330.    There are a few website links for this group, but they are not current.

The folks who run it are very nice and helpful and they seem to be working on improving the trails all the time.    I have to admit that I was a bit confused by the trail markings and how it all worked.   There were some folks in the parking lot who were willing to clue me in, but that didn’t stop us from getting off the path we started on and ending up somewhere entirely different.

This place is great for riders, runners and walkers.  We spent two hours there and the only reason we left was because our feet started to get sore.  The only facility I saw for a bathroom was a free-standing portable potty in the parking lot at the entrance to the trails.



I Had Breakfast w/Friends @ the New Flapjack’s Pancake Cabin in Garden City


Flapjack’s Pancake Cabin in Garden City (directly across from Walmart on Business 17)

Check the times before heading over, as I believe they may close at 1:00pm

I met with a couple of girlfriends for breakfast recently.  It was our first time visiting since it opened.
The thing we all liked most was how different the atmosphere is from other local breakfast joints. High ceilings, two fireplaces, spacious, clean.
I always expect a new place to have friendly, cheerful staff and Flapjacks did not disappoint on that. Penny, our server, was attentive without being overbearing and the epitome of Southern friendly.
I had an omelet and hash browns and toast. I loved that the hash browns were not in the least bit greasy as most usually are.
I found that the toast was only just barely toasted. I mention this in case you’re like me and expect toast to be….you know…..toasted. My daughters, who have both been servers in the local area tell me that’s how toast is served in restaurants here….that most patrons ask for it that way. Being as I’m one who doesn’t like to send food back to be fixed for something so minor….I dealt with it.

If you’re someone who enjoys a robust cup of coffee…..then you might be disappointed. I sometimes wonder why restaurants which primarily serve breakfast don’t realize how important the coffee is in adding to the overall experience. In my humble opinion, this place should have coffee as the leading man and flapjacks as the leading lady.   Maybe weak coffee is another Southern thing?   I’ve lived here for almost 9 years and I can’t answer that question for you.
The ambiance at Flapjacks elevates the experience, but when you strip that all away…..it’s a basic plate of breakfast food…..and I am basing that on one experience and one entree….so please do with that information as you will.
I wish this place well in the upcoming tourist season

An Idea For All of Those Goodies You Found on the Beach After Hurricane Matthew !

For those of us who are self-employed — a week without work due to a storm, can be quite a setback.
I’d love it if you could look around your neighborhood and find those who are owner/operators….and support them as best you are able. I know many of us have experienced a thinning of our wallets due to Matthew.

I have a very good friend who owns the Beach Beads store on Business 17 in Surfside Beach……just South of Hwy 544.
If you’re like me, you and your friends and family probably went hunting for goodies out on the beach right after the Hurricane.
And if you did…….then now what?
I came up with a few ideas for my finds and since I also scavenged several small pieces of the Surfside Beach pier last Sunday morning…….I’m looking forward to putting something together which is very cool and which tells a story. I’m not real big into hiding things away in a bin or in a jar on a counter, as those ideas lack nuance and the story of how they were found will likely never be told.

The pieces of wood in the back were taken from the beach and are from the wreckage of the Surfside Beach pier.

I came across several very small beautiful shells on the beach and I’ll be hauling them in to Heather at Beach Beads & Glass Studio this week so as to consult with her about turning these pieces into interesting gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

A few of the things I found on the beach on Sunday morning…..the day after the Hurricane.

Gather up your stuff and go see Heather…..when you do….you are supporting a locally owned business. I think it’s a great idea to seek out and support those who have a personal stake in the local economy…..especially those who have been affected financially by the storm. Thanks!

If you have something groovy made out of your treasures, then I invite you to share them here. I’ll do the same.

A Few Things to Consider When Buying a Home in Myrtle Beach.

Let me just state right off……I could never be a real estate agent in Myrtle Beach — at least not honestly.    I think to sell homes here you have to string together white lies or at the very least…..you have to leave a lot of pertinent information out.

Now that I’ve made that plain…….

The first thing you’ll notice as you drive around Myrtle Beach……as a local or a tourist…..is all of the land clearing and home building that’s going on.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about all of this.   I’m not a fan of clearing land willy nilly, especially when there aren’t the road and services infrastructure to back it all up.  They are working on it….the roads, that is, but on a personal level….. as a person who drives all around town on a daily basis……I wonder if it is enough.  I wonder if it can keep up with the amount of building that’s going on.

Let’s push the road issue to the side for a moment and talk about all of the homes going up.   They sure do look  nice and all that, but are they made well?   My job takes me in and out of these homes on a weekly basis…..and I can tell you that they are ……by and large….not made well at all.   And if you go the route of a used home, then there are issues in that realm as well.

I’d just like to alert you and make you aware of some things to look out for.  I hope it comes in handy when coupled with all of the other research which I hope you’ve done or are in the process of doing.

Things to Consider:

  1. There are many existing homes, especially in Surfside Beach,  which have problems with bats taking up residence inside of the home.   I have not been able to work at this one place for over a month because of bat removal.   These are not exact numbers but I heard that the cost for the exterminator alone was $5,000 because of the toxicity of the bat droppings alone.   Never mind the contractor who has to tear up walls and remove insulation, etc and then rebuild once the removal is complete.

    If there are bats in the home, you cannot just leave them there.  They MUST be removed ASAP and the process to do that is costly.  Rather than get all wordy here about this situation; I will direct you to this article and hope you will heed the message.

  2. Sometimes a bargain is not a bargain at all.   I’ve done some work over in the townhomes around the Shine Ave. area of Market Common.   The builder slammed those things together leaving the homeowners in a situation where they’ve had to constantly call in the builder to fix issues.   Major issues….such as noisy and slanted second-story floors, showers with small holes in the tile face where they forgot to put grout and water was going behind the walls.

    In one instance, I was asked if I would let the guy in who was going to repair the holes in the shower walls.   I asked him if no one inspected it before the job was completed to check for these things before the homeowner moves in.   He told me that this type of thing happens because the guys installing and building are short.   Meaning, they are Mexican, meaning, this guy was an imbecile wrapped up in a moron.  Not just for saying something so absurd and socially backward, but his lame excuse doesn’t account for the tall ceilings and all of the work done above the height of the “short” construction workers and installers.   I was stunned into silence with his remark.  What can you say to someone who believes you will buy that ?   Are there no ladders?  Scaffolding which can be built? Taller people that can be hired?

    I am telling you that you have to look over a place with the finest tooth comb you can find.    Look at rooms during the day with the lights off and see if you notice any sunlight shining through doors and around windows and around the attic door as well.

    If you start to see shoddy work with things such as light fixtures which have been hung crooked……then it’s likely there are many other issues lurking about as well.   I can guarantee that there is.   My advice is to honestly and seriously think twice about most of these new homes and condominiums.

    Talk to neighbors and ask them about how thin the walls are.  And this applies to homes as well.    In the Emmens Preserve section of Market Common….those homes couldn’t be any more on top of each other if they tried.    I cannot comprehend people wanting to live up their neighbors butt, but obviously there are many who do.   If you don’t mind….have at it, but buyer beware.  I don’t have to tell you that a home is a huge investment.    Don’t let a real estate agent try to talk a line of BS to you just to get you to sign on the dotted line.

  3. I would definitely recommend house hunting when it’s raining….not just to have a     look at how the house handles the rain, but to see how much flooding occurs in the neighborhood.    It rocks to live by a pond or lake, but if that pond or lake overflows up over the road and into your yard….then that could be a problem.    Also, watch for how quickly the water recedes once the rain stops.
    1. Here’s a biggee.  If you move into a neighborhood because you like the idea of living on a golf course, you might want to think again.   Go talk to the homeowners over in Southwood in Surfside Beach or those in Island Green off of Bay Rd or the Myrtle Beach Golf and Yacht Club which is also off of Bay Rd., and if you want to get an earful….go talk to the people who are sort of trapped living next to the ugly monstrosity which was once the clubhouse for the Deer Track Golf Course in Surfside Beach and which closed in 2006.  That was two years before I moved here.   Here it is 2016…..ten years later and it just keeps getting uglier and uglier.

      I have no idea what actually happened with the Wicked Stick Golf Course next to Southwood…..a neighborhood where I lived when I first moved here.   I was situated on the 6th hole of the golf course and the home which I was renting was surrounded by huge, ugly nets in order to lessen the amount of balls which hit the house and the owner had at some point put up some wooden latticework to protect the windows.  It was ugly and vines were crawling up it all the time.  It was a nightmare to tend to the yard.  The vines were actually growing through the walls and into my dining room.  I had to weed my dining room.   Is that what you want ?  If not, then look at these small details ahead of time.

      Back to the idea of living on a golf course (you thought I forgot, didn’t you?)……here’s the thing….if the golf course is being run properly then you shouldn’t have any issues, but if it’s not, as was the case with the MBG&Y Club, then a mismanaged golf course ends up having no funds to keep the greens maintained.   Take a look at what it looks like now.   Imagine being a homeowner over there……holy cow…….you were properly screwed….that’s for sure.    Take a look:

      Those tall “bushes” are where the greens once were.  This is the Myrtle Beach Golf & Yacht club where there is no golf and there are no yachts.   
      Another view of the “greens” @ Myrtle Beach Golf and Yacht Club

      Deer Track Golf Course as it looks in 2016

      Word to the Wise:  Drive around the neighborhood you are interested in and really see what’s going on.   Google.   Do your research.   Ask questions about the solvency of the golf course you are interested in moving next to otherwise you too could find yourself living in an ugly, ugly, but once not ugly place and the only way you could get out would be to sell way low to a predator real estate broker, agent, or private buyer.

      Google the local governing authority and see if they are planning to raise taxes or some other nonsense.

      Good Luck.  Happy House Hunting.  If you have any questions, shoot me a message or leave a comment.  I’ll be glad to help if I’m able.


A Rainy Day Idea


I have a few friends who know my love for anything old and the uglier that old thing is, the more lovely it is to me.

I was sent a link the other day to go and check out #7 on this list of Must Try places to eat.   I’ve never been to Bodo’s German Restaurant and Pub in Myrtle Beach, but I think I’ll have to go……just to say I did and to take pictures and to hopefully eat some yummy food…..though I am mostly a vegan-ite….so not sure how that will work.   Potatoes and sauerkraut for me!! — hold the butter.

This particular place does not seem to have a website.   But they are on Facebook.

Before I go anywhere or do anything, I always read the online reviews.  It is high entertainment.   Humans can be really funny……..especially when they aren’t trying to be.

My advice for this rainy day is to choose a place or two that you’d like to go and visit and Bodo’s seems like a good choice if only for its character and longevity here at the beach……then go online and read the reviews to yourself….or out loud as a bonding moment with your family.   Get yourselves all gussied up and head out to the place(s)…….experience it and write your own reviews.

If you do this, I’d love a link to what you wrote.

Got umbrella?